lunedì 16 giugno 2014

Sinus Fidei region

Yangel 1 dome and associated pyroclastic deposit (LPD)
Manilius dome (termed Ma1)

by Mike Wirths

by Carmelo Zannelli

by Stefan Buda
by Stefan Buda

by Carmelo Zannelli

Diameter [km]
Heigth [m]
Yangel 1
Manilius  1  

5.2 ± 0.5
10.4 ± 0.5
620 ± 60
180 ± 20
13.4 ± 1.0
2.0 ± 0.2

Located to the south of the entrance to Sinus Fidei, the dome Yangel 1 has a diameter of 5.2 km. Its height amounts to 620 m, while the average slope angle corresponds to 13.4°. The rheologic model indicates a high lava viscosity and a long duration of the effusion process of about 15 years which explains its steepness, like the domes of class B1. It is characterized by the presence of a  lunar pyroclastic deposit (LPD) on its summit. The effusive activity was then followed by a phase of pyroclastic activity. The pyroclastic deposits were probably limited in extent to the dome itself, with the crater wall deposits being the result of mass wastage off the north flank.
The dome Manilus 1, with a base diameter of 10.4 km ± 0.5 km, its moderate slope of 1.9° ± 0.2°, lies in Mare Vaporum. The rheologic model indicates a moderate to high lava viscosity and a duration of the effusion process of about 2.5 years. It belongs to class C2 domes like some domes in Mare Tranquillitatis, such as Cauchy τ and ω. 

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